5 Beginner SEO Mistakes Decreasing Your Website Traffic: How to Solve Them

5 Beginner SEO Mistakes Decreasing Your Website Traffic: How to Solve Them

For Anyone Who Wants To Overcome Their SEO Mistakes Or Want To Increase Web Traffic For Website


Increasing web traffic is the primary task for all beginners and digital marketers. It’s not an easy task, especially for beginners because beginners are not entirely well aware of the methods or techniques, that play an essential role in increasing web traffic.

No matter how good you are at marketing, you’re not going to get traffic from Google unless you stop making these mistakes.

These are some of the 5 SEO mistakes that decrease the number of traffic for your website, and if you stop making these mistakes, then you can increase the traffic for your site. If you are a beginner or want to increase your website traffic, then by skipping these mistakes you can quickly boost traffic for your site and also can generate more revenue from your site.

Mistake # 1:

The very 1st mistake that decreases the traffic for your website is to put the date in the URL. It is a huge mistake that is often neglected by most people. So, if you have a date in your URL then try to remove this date from your URL because when your URL contains a date, then Google assumes that the site that you’re using has some relevancy with that date. So, you write a blog post; they’re like

oh, this blog post must be on, related to that date”.

So, if you want your content to continually rank – “you know that evergreen content”, Then never put dates in your URL.

Mistake # 2:

Second mistake is to categorize your website as a different section’s website. This is one of the main reasons for decreasing your web traffic. For example, Suppose the topic of your blog is cooking. So, whenever you want to write a post just put the links of those posts of your website that are related to the current post, and in that way, the traffic moved to other content. And you should consider thinking of your website as one big site, versus different silos. By linking one post with the other, you can also shift the traffic from high traffic posts (which is targeting right keywords) to the low traffic post or which target fewer keywords. So make sure that different posts of your website are linked with one another and you can do this by adding the link of one post to the other.

Mistake # 3:

Third mistake is of just thinking SEO as grabbing social shares, links building and interaction with on-page code. SEO doesn’t only cover these things, but you can say that it is related to brand building.

The ex-CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, said about the brands- that brands are the solution. You can also make your website/brand a solution by ranking it higher than others by the help of SEO.

So, your website will become a solution for people’s needs at that time, if it fulfils all the criteria of higher ranking and then your brand will exist in the world. SEO helps you a lot in brand building. With the help of SEO, you can collect email addresses of the people that visit your website, and by the help of these emails, you can invite them again to your website. You can use tools like Hello Bar to do that for free. You can use tools like subscribers.com to do push notifications.

So, when people come to your website within one click, they can subscribe. With the help of these people who come back to your website, you can strengthen your brand by increasing the traffic and also your brand/website will rank higher after that.

Mistake # 4:

Fourth mistake that you’re just concentrating on writing your content. In actual, Content writing is not a problem. The only problem is that some individuals just focus on writing new material and then feel free without updating previous content. Google doesn’t just rank you good after looking at one content, but it checks that the whole website has what type of content.

So, if your site is updated with new content, then there are higher chances that you will be ranked higher by Google. But if you have 100% authentic outdated content, then you will be ranked lower.

There is no need to update your entire content while updating your content but just update that part of the content that is outdated. Also, some of the contents are for a specific time means that they are related to a certain period by updating these types of contents, you provide content to the people according to their taste, and it will be the source of increasing web traffic for your website.

Mistake # 5:

Fifth mistake is that you don’t think about the user’s interaction with your site. It is the user that visits your website and is the prime source of ranking your site.

If your content is not according to people’s taste, then it will be difficult for you to rank higher. Google notice how a customer visits your site whether

  • S/he visits your site by browsing or by clicking on link address
  • How much time does s/he spends on your website?

This tells Google about your website’s content, whether it is according to people’s taste or not. So, instead of just doing SEO by putting the user’s feedback to your site on the top can help you rank for a long time on the Internet and the people will like your content. From this, you can also earn from your site by applying SEO techniques.

Hence, these are some of the mistakes that most of the beginners do because of unawareness of techniques and methods. So, by following these techniques or by stopping these mistakes, you can excel in increasing web traffic for your website.