7 Amazing Secret Settings of Google Maps 

Google Maps Is A Versatile Mobile App. Google Map Is Providing Seven Incredible and Amazing Settings That Can Be Used for Your

Easiness & to Save Your Time.

You Can Get Gradual Navigations While Using Public Transit


Google Maps Is Providing 7 Secret Settings That Must Be Known by Everyone Who Is Using Google Maps. Use These 7 Awesome Helpful Features


These 7 settings are the following:


Correction of Spelling Mistakes

If You Are Not Well in English, Then You Can Use Google Maps. It will give you the correct results.

For this purpose, there is an amazing option of the Google Map called Voice Typing. Just click the Microphone option on your Google Maps home screen and speak up the Location. It will provide you the exact Location by correcting the spellings.

Offline Use

This Is the Most Important and Versatile Feature of Google Maps. If you do not have your internet package, then you can use even this app for your benefit. You may use google maps for your guidance of location even if you are offline. For this purpose, press the 3 lines icon, then click the offline map and select your map and area. You will get your offline map.

Hide Your Location

You Can Hide Your Location, Or You Can Misguide Anyone About Your Location by using this app. For this purpose, download the Fake GPS Location app on your phone. Open this and set your Location according to your will. This will show your live Location to your friend and Google Map as well.

Enter Stops on Google Maps

This Is the Most Interesting Feature of Google Maps. You Can Enter Stops on Your Way If you want to make a stop. For this purpose, press the 3 dots on the top of the Home Screen, an option add stop will be shown. Click this option and you can add the stops according to your wish. It will notify you when you hit the stop.

Set Your Home

Another Amazing Feature of Google Maps Is That You Can Set Your Home Location. In this way, you can get your home location if sometimes you have forgotten your home address. Go to 3 lines option, add your current Location, add home and save this setting.

Present Location Can Be Sent to Anyone

By Using The Google Maps, You Can Send Your Live Location or Present Location to anyone to whom you want to send. Press 3 lines option, click location sharing option, click get started, and then set the time for which you want to share the Location. You can then send the message in text form or you can share it by any other app.

Measurement of Displacement

This Is the Second Most Interesting Feature of Google Maps; you can measure the minimum distance between two points which is called displacement. For this purpose, select the two points for which you want to measure the displacement, then click the measure distance option. The result will appear showing the displacement.



These Are The 7 Most Important, Versatile, And Incredible Settings in The Google Maps Application. If You Are Using These Settings, It Means You Are Fully Enjoying the Google Maps App.