By | September 30, 2019
How to Increase the Battery Timing of My Android Phone?

If You Are Worried Due to The Short Battery Timing of Your Android Phone, Then You Should Follow These Smart Tips

This article is about Few Clever Tips that will help you in increasing the battery timing of your Android phone. If you use all of these tips, then you may use your Android phone for a long time without troubling due to short battery timing.

Currently, the use of the Smartphone or the Android Phone is more than a Computer or Laptop. The use of a Smartphone is way too easy than Computers or Laptops.

There is a possibility that your battery timing has decreased due to the heavy usage of your phone. So, you would have felt the need to increase or boost up battery timing of your Android Phone.

Although Lithium-Ion battery is the best solution for this, still this is not the right solution. So, there are some useful tips for you to increase the battery timing of your Android Phone. These are followings:

  • Find Out What Is Using the Battery:

To improve the battery timing of your phone, one of the most important thing is to know details regarding your battery usage. What is using your Battery most. This may be identified by going into the setting option. Use the battery option, and then you will find which app is using the Battery most. Uninstall this app if it is not necessary for you.

  • Set Up Brightness Level:

Always use the auto-brightness level instead of full brightness on your android phone, and that is useful to increase or boost up the battery timing. The higher or whole brightness level will lose your battery timing.

  • Use Power Save Mode:

The most useful and easiest way to save or increase the battery timing is selecting the power saving mode present in the setting option in most of the android phones. This may be as Setting→ Device maintenance→ Battery save way and then click on.

This will limit your screen brightness level.

  • Keep Minimum Apps on The Home Screen:

Do not keep the unnecessary apps on your android phone’s home screen. If you want to increase the battery time of your phone uninstall all the unnecessary apps.

  • Do Not Use Live Wallpaper, Use Black Colored Wallpaper:

Do not use the live wallpaper because it will lose your phone battery time. The use of the black color wallpaper may also increase the battery timing of your phone.

  • Turn Off Notifications and Vibrations:

If you want to increase or boost up the battery timing of your phone, you should turn off the notifications and vibrations. If you’re going to turn on the important notifications, then you should only turn on these important notifications.

  • Turn Off Sooner to Your Screen:

Always choose the minimum time for turning off your screen or for the sleeping of your screen. It will boost up your android phone’s battery timing. For this purpose, you may follow the following steps: Setting→ Tap to display→ Use advanced setting→ Sleep and then choose the sleep timing less than 30 seconds or 30 seconds only.

  • Turn Off Google Assistant:

Although Google Assistant is one of the most fantastic options for use found in the android phones and is one of the most enjoyable features of all the android phones it may lose your android phone’s battery timing, so there is need to turn off the Google Assistant to increase your android phone’s battery timing.

  • Restart Your Phone:

The last and the most complicated process for boost up the battery timing is to restart your phone by restoring the factory data set in the setting option. It may be used when your phone battery timing is too low.


These are some steps that are used for increasing the battery timing of your android phone’s battery timing. These may be useful for all of us as by caring for a few we may boost up our android phone’s battery timing.