How to Spy on Your Competitors’ SEO & Steal Their Traffic Through Competitor Analysis

How to Spy on Your Competitors’ SEO & Steal Their Traffic Through Competitor Analysis

For Anyone Who Wants to Increase Their Website’s Traffic in Less Time & Want To Earn Money From It

In this era of high competition, SEO is not simply done by building your links, but you have to apply advanced SEO techniques to your website to get high traffic. You cannot rank your website high in Google until you spy on your competition. By doing this, you don’t just only get traffic to your site but can also beat your competitors by a large difference. You can do this by following these six steps which help you out to rank your website easily.

Step 1:

In step one, just go to a tool called Ubersuggest by visiting . Find your Competitors, and then one by one type their websites URLs in the Ubersuggest tool.

Step 2:

After typing the site’s URL in the Ubersuggest tool, you will see a report of the website. This report will show you the overall traffic of the site per region. As Ubersuggest categorizes your traffic by different regions, so you can easily find the website’s sales by region. With the help of Ubersuggest, you can find the traffic of your competitor’s website and also find out the website’s sales per region. Even if your competitor owns a global business, you can find out in which areas or regions s/he is stronger than others.

Step 3:

You can find out the top pages of your competitor and find the reason why the users visit that site and why these pages are on top. You can find out

  • How many social shares these pages are getting from sites like Facebook?
  • How many backlinks each of these pages are getting.
  • Who’s linking to.
  • You can find the number of keywords due to which these pages rank high in Google
  • What is the cost per click for those keywords?

In Ubersuggest, you just click view all button and you can see all of that. You can figure out the keywords that are driving traffic and the words that aren’t and can find out the keywords that have a high cost per click and also the words that have a low cost per click.

Step 4:

After you clicked to view all button in the keyword category for any of your top competitor’s pages, then you can dive into all those keywords. Keep going next, and you can see a laundry list of all the keywords that are driving traffic. The reason this is important is you’ll be able to spot the keywords that are driving the majority of the traffic, that have a high cost per click, and a low search difficulty score. A low search difficulty or SEO difficulty SDERF, search difference easy to rank for.

If a keyword has a high cost per click, have a lot of traffic and is easy to rank for. Then by using that keyword for your site, you can increase your traffic.

Step 5:

Now in the next step, you can visit the top keywords page of Ubersuggest tool. After doing this, a report will be displayed showing the top keywords of your competitor’s site and these keywords are the source of the traffic to your competitors’ site. Now you can notice these things for every keyword:

1- High amounts of traffic

2- Low search difficulty

3- High cost per click

If a keyword has a low search difficulty, then you can rank your site with that keyword easily.

Step 6:

Now the next thing you need to do after you type in a handful of your competitors is type in some of these keywords that you’re thinking about going after. The reason you want to do this is if you type in these keywords into Ubersuggest, it’ll give you more feedback on that keyword. It will tell you regarding the overall cost per clicks and overall trends when it comes to traffic over every single month because some keywords have seasonality.

You’ll also notice all the variations of that keyword. After typing the keyword in Ubersuggest, a report will be displayed consisting of other keywords suggestions related to that keyword. Some of these keyword ideas come from Google Suggest and others that come from Google Ad Words. If you click on the related keywords. This report also tells you about the following information:

1- How many visitors are they getting?

2- Number of people who rank for this term.

3- How competitive that term is?

4- How many social shares do they have?

Now you have an understanding of what everyone in your space is doing. You take all that data; you even take the social shares people are getting. It will even give ideas on what kind of content you should create, what keywords you should be going after, and what keywords are going to be driving your sales.

Because your competitors use the same keywords for their website on the same subject and they would make money from it and you should do the same. Now you don’t want to just do the same as your competition and create the same kind of content. It could be on the same subject, but you need to go above and beyond.

Brian Dean has written an article named as the Skyscraper Technique. In that article, he tells us about the building of 10 times better content. So, when you see what your competition’s doing, you don’t just do what they’re doing, you go above and beyond and beat them so much that they would not even dare to copy you.

If you follow that, you’ll now know what your competition’s doing and what you need to do to beat them.

These are some of the steps that you have to follow to get traffic and rank your website high in Google and also by following these steps, you can earn a lot from your website.