The Three Unseen Laws of SEO That Help Your Site to Achieve Ranking # 1 In Google

The Three Unseen Laws of SEO That Help Your Site to Achieve Ranking # 1 In Google

For Anyone Who Wants to Rank Their Website at Ranking # 1 In Less Time Should Follow These Three Simple Methods

Google is a big black box. Thus, ranking a site in Google is not a simple thing. But you can do this through experimentation. Even if you are doing experimentation, then because of 3 Unseen laws of SEO you don’t become successful.

When you do all the SEO stuff that experts are recommending and don’t able to increase traffic for your site, and if you want to increase more website traffic, then it is recommended that you must follow these unseen laws of SEO. Now let’s go into the unseen laws of SEO.

1st Unseen Law of SEO:

The first unseen law is brand queries. Most people don’t realize this and they don’t give importance to brand queries. According to them, SEO will be done, by interacting with the on-page code and link building and the other things that the experts suggest them.

If you don’t focus on what Google gives importance and on which the people don’t talk, you may be not able to rank your site better and can’t survive your website to rank high in future. So, you must focus on brand queries while doing SEO.

A famous quote of Eric Schmidt about the brands is that

”Brands Are the Solutions

That’s why the top companies are better than small companies. So, if you concentrate on building your brand, then it will be helpful for you. There is a lot of fake news on the internet. But Facebook is not included in those sites just because of their brand popularity, and they consider customer’s satisfaction as their top priority and don’t spread the false content.

Thus, brand queries tell Google about the information you are providing on your site. You can check your brand’s popularity and can also compare it with your competitor by using Google Trends.

Google provides a free tool to check the position of your brand in the market. With the help of this tool, you can check whether your brand growth is increasing or decreasing. And the goal is to keep growing your brand because the bigger you grow your brand, the better off you’re going to be and in the long run, the higher your rankings are going to get. With the help of brand queries, you can take your brand to the top, you can increase your website’s traffic and also your brand will become famous and you can earn a lot from your site.

2nd Unseen Law of SEO:

The 2nd unseen law of SEO is user experience. It doesn’t matter how good of a job you’ve done with SEO. You’ve built a lot of links, you’ve optimized your title tags, you’ve tested them, you’ve written amazing content. If your user experience is not good, people go to your site, they bounce back because they don’t find what they’re looking for. You’re not going to rank well in the long run. Google’s using what they call user metrics. User Metrics include:

a-     Time on site

It is the amount of time in minutes or seconds, that the visitor spends on the site. The more this time, the more chances for your site to rank high.

b-    Dwell time

It is the time, that starts when a visitor searches something to the total time spent on the site.

c-     Bounce Rate

It is the visit of the user to your site, then because of irrelevant content or slow loading of the site, s/he leaves the site. The more it happens then the more difficult for you to rank your website in Google.

d-    Pageviews per visitor:

It includes how many posts or content viewed by visitors. It can also play an important role in the ranking of your site.

All these things based on when a user does a search and Google then compare that to all the other people that rank for the same term. It’ll tell them if you should rank higher than the other people. Doesn’t matter if you’ve out optimized them or not. If your website doesn’t meet the needs of the people or users are not satisfied with your website experience, then it is difficult for your site to rank higher. So don’t just think about link building, content writing and site optimization while doing SEO but also concentrate on providing good service and product. If you are offering good service and product, then the users will be satisfied with your product. Companies such as Slack and Dropbox are good because of their product or service not because of SEO. These companies are at the top because they create the best product for the people that fulfil their needs.

3rd Unseen Law of SEO:

The techniques of SEO are changing with time, and if you follow the demands of time or concentrate on new SEO techniques, then your website can survive for a long time on the Google’s first page. In the opinion of ComScore, in the year 2020, nearly half of the searches will be voice search, but no one discusses that and doesn’t pay any attention to that. Again, if you’re not up to date with technology, the changes that are happening, you can’t survive on the web for a long time. And it doesn’t stop with just voice search, think of it this way. Now you can control anything at home by the help of Google Home. You can do this by the help of your voice such as you can turn off your oven by the help of your voice. If you don’t follow the technology and the latest techniques in the world, then you can’t survive for a long time on the web.

To rank high in Google, it is necessary for you to follow these rules so that you can successful in the ranking of your site and also successful in earning money from your site.