What is the best mobile phone operator in Saudi Arabia?

What Is the Best Telecom Provider in Saudi Arabia?

Find Out Which Saudi Telecom Provider Is the Best???

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Saudi Arabia is a sacred  country for Muslims of the whole world.  Because of the two holy cities, Makkah and Medina. Millions of Muslims travel to Makkah and Medina every year to perform the Hajj and Umra.

Saudi Arabia also receives a massive number of foreign workers every year from both Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Recently, Saudi Arabia has also opened itself up for tourism.

Almost all of the foreigner’s visiting Saudi Arabia for different purposes need to know about Telecom packages of different mobile operators available in Saudi Arabia.

Roaming with an international provider can be very expensive for a foreigner in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is better to buy a Saudi SIM card.

The Article Below Will Provide the Details Regarding Different Saudi Mobile Operators and The Services Each of Them Provides.

Telecom Providers in Saudi Arabia

Finding out the best mobile operator in Saudi Arabia is now easy.

You need to focus on three things.

  • the speed, the coverage, and
  • the provided services.

STC (with Jawwy), Mobily, and Zain are the most commonly used in Saudi Arabia. Their coverage, speed, and services vary.

STC provides the best coverage and speed throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is important to keep in mind that STC is relatively expensive as compared to other telecom providers.

It is recommended to use Zain if you are on a budget. However, Zain does not provide the same quality of coverage as STC.

The areas of Saudi Arabia with rural or no population are affected mostly by the lack of network. Therefore, you may experience coverage issues in the remote regions of KSA.


According to the statistics, the Saudi Telecom Company is the most widely used and is the market leader in KSA. It is owned by the state mostly as it provides the best coverage and speed throughout KSA. The cost of an STC SIM card is SAR 31.5 ($8.40), which comes with a credit of SAR 25.

The recharge can be from SAR 10 to SAR 300. The validity of  SIM card will extend the more you recharge. Just like any other telecom provider, STC also has a variety of packages ranging from daily packages to monthly ones. For example, in the daily pack, you can have 200 MB and 200 minutes valid for 1 day for SAR 15. An example of a monthly package is 100 GB, unlimited data for social media, and unlimited minutes, all valid for 28 days for SAR 220. STC also provides singular packages such as only internet offers or only call offers.


Jawwy is a new brand launched by STC especially designed for the prepaid plans. You can also buy the Jawwy SIM card online or through the stores. Some of the plans offered by Jawwy are as follows:

  1. 10 GB of Data, 500 domestic minutes, and unlimited Jawwy WIFI for one month for SAR 70.
  2. 10 GB of Data, unlimited apps data, and 1500 minutes for one month for SAR 150.

It also provides only data plans, just like STC. You can get 1 GB data for 30 SAR and 10 GB data for 100 SAR. All these data plans also include 100 minutes and 3000 on-net minutes valid for one month.


Another commonly used telecom provider in Saudi Arabia is Mobily. It also has good coverage and speed in the cities and populated areas. The cost of a Mobily SIM card is 30 SAR, which has a credit of 25 SAR in it. Some of the packages offered by Mobily are as follows:

  1. 1 GB standard data, 1 GB social media data, and 100 minutes, valid for 28 days for SAR 30.
  2. 100 GB standard data, unlimited social media data, and unlimited minutes, valid for 28 days for SAR 220.
  3. Unlimited standard as well as social media data, and unlimited minutes, valid for 28 days for 360 SAR.

Just like other telecom providers, Mobily also provides data packages only. You can get 30 GB for three months for 175 SAR. Mobily also provides 300 GB for three months for 450 SAR.


Another famous and regularly used telecom provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Zain. It is relatively smaller than STC and Mobily.

  • Zain Has the Lowest Rates Among the Top Telecom Providers.

Apart from working in KSA, it also works in other middle eastern countries and some African countries. The difference between Zain and other telecom providers is that Zain provides two Tourist SIM cards, specially designed to facilitate the tourists, based on their needs and requirements. The Tourist SIM cards offers are as follows:

  1. 2 GB of data, unlimited on-net minutes, 30 minutes to other domestic networks, and SAR 20 international credits for 28 days for 55 SAR.
  2. 4 GB of data, unlimited on-net minutes, 60 minutes to other local networks, and SAR 50 international credits for 28 days for 99 SAR.

Apart from the Tourist SIM cards, there are regular SIM cards with various plans and packages. Zain offers Shabab plans that include minutes and data bundles that have a validity of 28 days.

  1. 4 GB, 5 GB social media data, and 500 minutes for 59 SAR
  2. 100 GB, and unlimited social media data and minutes for a total of 199 SAR.

Zain also provides data-only plans. You can get 50 MB for one day for 15 SAR. For 95 SAR, you can get 15 GB for 30 days.

The MVNOs of KSA

Saudi Arabia also has Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), which are Friendi mobile, Virgin Mobile KSA, and Lebara. Major providers provide the network for the MVNOs.

Friendi: The Friendi works using the Zain network as it is an MVNO. You can buy the SIM card for 25 SAR, which will include 20 SAR credit. Some of the packages offered by Friendi are listed below:

  1. 100 MB for three days for 5 SAR
  2. 3 GB for 30 days for 45 SAR
  3. 15 GB for 30 days for 95 SAR.

Friendi also provides data-only SIM cards. The offers range from 2 GB for 50 SAR to 5 GB for 110 SAR.

Virgin Mobile KSA:

STC provides the network for Virgin Mobile KSA as the latter is an MVNO. The SIM card can be bought for 30 SAR, which has a credit of 25 SAR valid to be used within the next three weeks. Virgin Mobile KSA has combo plans as well as data-only plans. Some of the examples of combo packs are as follows:

  1. 300 MB and 50 minutes, valid for 30 days for 15 SAR.
  2. 10 GB, 500 minutes, and 1000 SMS, with 30-day validity costing 70 SAR.
  3. 40 GB, 500 minutes, and 1000 SMS for 165 SAR, valid for 30 days.

Data-only plans range from 500 MB for 15 SAR to 10 GB for 100 SAR, also for a month.

Lebara Saudi Arabia:

Lebara works in many European and Asian states and is a famous MVNO. In KSA, Lebara functions to give you free data for each top-up you do. For example, a top-up of 50 SAR will provide you with 500 MB free data. The more your top-up, the more data you get for free.

Lebara provides mobile Net monthly packages. These packages are as follows:

  1. 300 MB for seven days for 9 SAR.
  2. 3 GB for 30 days for 45 SAR
  3. 10 GB for 30 days for 100 SAR

Lebara data-only SIM cards can also be bought. The data-only offers range from 1 GB for 30 days for 25 SAR to 10 GB for 120 days for 125 SAR.

The above given are the details of commonly used telecom providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Each of these providers has a specific quality of services they provide to their customers.

If you are a tourist or a foreign worker working in KSA, you will need to use your phone. Using an international telecom provider can be extremely expensive as international roaming costs too much. Therefore, buying a Saudi SIM card is the best way forward.

The guide on how to choose the telecom provider, which suits you the best, is given in extensive detail in the above paragraphs.

Coverage, speed, and services are the three things you need to keep in mind while buying a Saudi SIM card.

Other important aspects while selecting a telecom provider are your budget and requirements. If you are tight on budget, you can go for Zain as it is relatively cheaper than the rest of the telecom providers.

If you call more often than using internet  data, you can choose a plan which offers you more calling services.

I Hope You Will Be Able to Select the Best Telecom Provider for Yourself.